4 Advantages of Investing in a Custom-Fit Car Cover

by admin | Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Choosing the best car covers for your vehicle involves more than just picking a model, checking out and then laying the cover over your automobile.If you’ve ever doubted whether custom-fit car and truck covers are the right tools for the job, these four reasons may change your mind.

Custom-Fit Car Cover

1-Customized versions exactly match your vehicle’s dimensions. With both modern and classic vehicles coming in a huge range of shapes and dimensions, there’s no guarantee that a stock car cover will safeguard your vehicle’s entire surface. A custom-fit edition gives you that peace of mind. 

2-Defend against specific hazards your vehicle faces.A vintage roadster garaged 90 percent of the time has different needs than a daily commuting SUV frequently parked outdoors. Precision-designed fabrics such as Customweavesupply superior protection for mostly indoor autoswhile Extremeweaveis a non-abrasive, UV-resistant champ with reflective properties perfect for sunny conditions and extreme heat. 

3-Stop nicks, scratches and other damage to your paint job. Many versions such as Dustop keep out fine particles while pampering your vehicle with a soft, bulky inner layer to ward off hazards that can mar its finish. Outdoor vehicles enjoy protection from Superweave, an ideal all-weather edition that resists UV rays and harsh environments while gliding effortlessly over their paint finishes. 

4-Many custom covers offer multiple color choices. Your vehicle cover is just as much an accessory as floor mats, shift knobs and steering wheels. Although some specialty fabrics may only be available in certain shades, customization options for many others let you choose a hue that you love.

Keeping your machine’s paint job pristine depends on your cover’s ability to fight off damage from sunlight and weather conditions as well as nicks, dents, dings, scratches or other careless accidents. California Car Company carries the best car and truck covers and accessories to keep your prized machine in top condition. To get your new cover, swing by the company’s website.


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