2019 Acura NSX Quick Spin Review

by Heather Platt | Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2019

I drove the 2019 Acura NSX on track a while back, and it’s an absolute freight train. But now that I’ve driven it in the snow and the rain and our pothole-riddled streets around Southeast Michigan, I can tell you about what it’s like to live with the Japanese supercar.

2019 Acura NSX

Our tester was painted in gorgeous Casino White pearl. It’s a stunner in this color, highlighting the NSX’s proper supercar styling – impressions were reinforced by the constant stares and craned necks over a cold November weekend. All $21,600 of carbon fiber exterior parts (several carbon packages combined) probably didn’t contribute a whole lot to this, but man does it look cool up close. U

I think there’s a disconnect between what Acura thinks is a perfect supercar interior – a focus on superb visibility and ease of use so you can focus on driving – and what enthusiasts are hardwired to believe a supercar interior should be – wild, at times nonsensical, and exotic.

Click the center dial twice to the right for Sport Plus, and just drive. All the compliments I paid the car on the track translate to the road. Steering is telepathic. The engine and transmission respond as quickly as my brain decides what it wants. New Continental SportContact 6 all-season tires provide sure-footed agility even in the sub-30-degree weather I was pounding around in. I never tired of the loud intake and engine roaring behind my ear, no matter how many trips to 7,500 rpm I took.

Then there’s the price itself. Our NSX was loaded up to $196,500. Yours doesn’t have to be. However, it’s still significantly more expensive than the original was, adjusted for inflation. When it wasn’t marked up due to insane demand, the original NSX was a relative bargain supercar by today’s standards. Tack on a few options to the new car like ours, and a sea of other exotics come into play.

Maybe Honda thought the market for a gas-electric hybrid supercar was bigger than it is in reality? Most likely, it’s a combination of all these potential hangups: a crowded market for sports cars at its price point, the lack of passion coming from the powertrain, the mere idea of a hybrid supercar. That’s a true shame, because it might keep potential buyers from even giving it a test drive. I’d wager that if more people actually took an NSX for a spin, and if there was a better sales pitch for its incredible performance, more people would buy them. As it stands now, the 2019 NSX is an incredibly impressive supercar that I would drive every day. It’s just not as desirable as some of the other toys on the market.


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