Take Your Offroad Experience To The Next Level

by Heather Platt | Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

There’s always plenty of time to head out for a camping Jeep trip or two. It’s the best type of camping experience there is, in my humble opinion.

Jeep Camping

There’s one thing’s for sure: heading out in the woods with your favorite utility vehicle can be a one-of-a-kind experience!

Head Out Off The Highway:

When it comes to camping, getting there is half the fun. With the extensive offroading experience that you get which you utility vehicle provides, you’re able to go wherever your mind and vehicles may take you. Nothing is off limits in your 4-wheel drive: logging roads, backcountry trails, beaches – you name it!

Traversing mountainous sand dunes and spending a memorable night under the stars in the hard-to-reach desert-ocean oasis where most people don’t even consider going to, not many people are able to live the life the way they have dreamt it.

Being able to get to out-of-the-way places means you’re able to explore and stay in wilderness areas less traveled.

 Jeep Sleeping Options:

In addition to being able to get to remote areas, another advantageous thing about camping in a Jeep is the ability to sleep in your vehicle if you want to – or to pull a pop-up trailer for more spacious sleeping quarters. You can also use rooftop tents which can make more space and can protect from bugging insects such as mosquitoes

While sleeping in your Jeep is a convenient and quick option, it really works best for solo travelers due to limited space. Simply flatten the seats, lay down a sleeping pad & sleeping bag, and you’re all set.

Camping Jeep Accessories:

A general rule of thumb with Jeep camping is that anything goes. Essentially, if it works for you, whether it’s a particular product or even a homemade modification, then go for it! A little ingenuity goes a long way.

There’s an endless array of products targeted to Jeep owners and camping. For example, in addition to the pop-up trailers mentioned above, there are plenty of tent-attachment or extension options to choose from, and not to forget to attach a jeep bumper for safety precautions since no one knows what can happen, you can also install barricade winch on bumper in case you get stuck on a rocky roads, since the country side roads are not always plain and clean, and it’s always better to be safe than being sorry.


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