2017 Honda Clarity Electric Priced At $269 Per Month

by Heather Platt | Posted on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

The 2017 Honda Clarity Electric arrives in select dealerships across California and Oregon this August with an introductory lease price of $269/month plus tax.

2017 Honda Clarity Electric

The 36-month lease requires a $1,730 down payment and comes with an annual 20,000-mile allowance and 24/7 roadside assistance. The lease includes a built-in federal tax credit, and California customers may qualify for an additional state rebate of $2,500. The EV is one of three vehicles in Honda’s Clarity series, which also consists of the Clarity Fuel Cell and the upcoming Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

Equipped with a 25.5-kilowatt-hour battery and an electric motor producing 161 hp, the Clarity Electric can be fully charged in just over three hours with a 240-volt charger. When using a DC fast charger, the sedan can reach an 80-percent charge in 30 minutes. But the vehicle is only rated to travel 89 miles on a single charge, placing its range well below other electric vehicles including the Chevrolet Bolt, Volkswagen e-Golf, Hyundai Ioniq EV, Nissan Leaf, and others.

Fortunately, the Clarity Electric’s monthly lease price is $100 below the price of the Clarity Fuel Cell, which achieves a range of 366 miles. Compared to traditional electric vehicles, the Clarity Electric has a fairly competitive lease price, but it’s not a steal. Those who want to buy one are out of luck right now, as there’s no purchase option once the lease ends.

On the bright side, the Honda Clarity Electric offers the space and convenience of a midsize sedan, unlike other competitors. Honda has set ambitious goals for its Clarity series, hoping to sell 75,000 vehicles in the first four model years. By 2030, Honda targets two-thirds of its global vehicle sales to come from electrified vehicles.


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