2020 BMW Z4 Pricing Leaks: You’re Going To Need A Bigger Wallet

by Heather Platt | Posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

The starting price for the 2020 BMW Z4 just leaked online to the SupraMkV forum, courtesy of what appear to be some dealer documents detailing standard features and price. It will reportedly start at $64,695, or $65,690 after you tack on the destination charge.

2020 BMW Z4

This places the Z4 firmly into Porsche territory as the base 718 Boxster starts at $60,050, while the Boxster S goes from $72,450. However, the Z4 does have two extra cylinders and more power than either of those mid-engine Germans.

It’s not particularly surprising to see the Z4 priced this steep, but there are a few other high performance BMWs in this exact price bracket already. The M3 starts at $67,495 and the M4 at $70,145. Granted the Z4 M40i isn’t a true M performance car, but that still doesn’t look like an easy decision to make at the BMW dealer now. To make your choice even tougher, the M2 Competition is starting to look like a real bargain at $59,895.

The big question in all of this is deciphering what it means for the long-awaited Toyota version of this car, the Supra. We’d expect a heavy price chop with it being a non-luxury brand vehicle, but it’s still tough to tell where Toyota might land on this one. A base price in the $40,000 range would seem reasonable, and even cheap compared to its platform mate.

It’s hard to imagine many Z4s will be much cheaper than $70,000 with how BMW organizes its options. Official pricing for the various trim levels and packages BMW plans to offer with the Z4 shouldn’t be too far out, now that the base price has leaked. There isn’t an on-sale date with any more detail than spring 2019 available as of now. For the full low-down on the car, check out our first-drive review.

In other recent news on the Z4/Supra twins, Toyota said it’s showing us the Supra at the Detroit Auto Show in January, where we’ll finally get to see how these two compare in production form.


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