Honda Recalls Small Number Of 2016 CR-V Models For Airbags

by Heather Platt | Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Thought you’d heard the last bit of news regarding exploding airbags from Takata? Think again. Hondahas issued a recall for the 2016 CR-V to replace driver-side front airbag modules.

Honda 2016 CR-V

Fortunately, only 515 vehicles are covered by this recall, and only 30 affected models were actually in the hands of consumers. And, if you own a 2016 CR-V and haven’t gotten a phone call from Honda, you’re apparently in the clear.

On October 10, 2015, an airbag inflator made by Takata ruptured in Monclova, Mexico, while being tested. Two days later, Takata notified Honda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, prompting this recall.

According to Honda’s official announcement, though, this faulty inflator is not believed to be the same issue that caused automakers around the globe to recall 19.2 million (and counting) vehicles to replace defective airbag modules that were also made by Takata. Whether that’s comforting or not, we’ll let you decide.

We’ve included both the official recall notice from NHTSA and the statement from Honda below. Here’s hoping the faulty inflator that caused this recall was nothing more than a single defective part.


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