Tesla Model 3 To Greet The World in March 2016

by Heather Platt | Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015

We know the Tesla Model 3 is on schedule and will be revealed in 2016, now we have a date: Autocar reports that the public will meet Tesla’s much-less-expensive future in March next year. The Geneva Motor Show runs from March 3-13, but according to the report the reveal won’t happen there. Autocar says Tesla has its own event planned for later in the month.

Tesla Model 3

It’s almost comical to consider how much attention a tiny EV company is going to get the day the Model 3 is revealed, no matter when it is. For all of their various reasons, a ton of folks across the industry and enthusiast spectra are eager to find out if Tesla can translate the magic of its $90,000 luxury gadget to a $35,000 daily driver that can withstand the rigors of being the sole source of a transportation for a one-car family.

So far we’re expecting a mostly steel platform, more expressive styling than the Model S, a range of at least 200 miles on a charge (some say 250 miles), an additional crossover body style, and Autocar says that acceleration from 0-62 miles per hour could be better than 4.1 seconds, beating the BMW M3. If the company can deliver on the price and its profit targets at that price, not only will they sell a humongous number of them, the Model 3 will send a lot of engineers going back to a lot of drawing boards. It would also give the California automaker another plug-in target for others in the auto industry to try and hit.


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