Car Battery Charger vs Jump Starting a Battery Pros & Cons

by Heather Platt | Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Failing to reach your desired destination due to a faulty battery is never a pleasant task. You try to ignite the engine, but the vehicle doesn’t have the required power to start. Some people are prepared for this with a battery charger or jump starter in the boot, but what is your best option for situations like these. Every driver must have at least one of the available options, so that you can get on the road in the most crucial moment

Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are really important as they can provide the required power to bring back to life a dead battery. Choosing one should be based on the type of battery your car has. They aren’t expensive and they are worth having for emergency situations.

Most chargers are manufactured in such ways that they can charge and maintain almost every standard battery. Of course, check the size and type of the battery before you purchase a charger.


Car battery chargers are getting increasingly popular due to the fact that manufacturers make them even more durable and efficient. Moreover, by recharging your car’s battery, you improve its performance and increase its life.

When choosing a brand, check the amps and the wattage as they are quite essential. The higher the amps, the longer and quicker the charge is. If you are looking for an alternative with the environment in mind, then you can go with solar batteries. It takes you only one charger to save you from being stranded somewhere along the way. They provide such great value, but most people realize it too late.


Their biggest disadvantage is that they are ideal for emergency situations, but only when they are charged. This means that you have to recharge them every time you use them. They will do the job, only if they have been properly charged.

If you require a higher output, the battery charger is going to cost a bit more than a jump starter. The bigger transformer increases the cost considerably, but smaller chargers are quite inexpensive.

Another drawback is the time needed to charge the battery. You might need up to twelve hours to reach a full charge, and that’s a lot of time for an emergency.

Jump StartersJump Starters

The idea of the jump starter is to start the engine of the car without actually recharging it to its fullest. They give an instant surge of power in order to ignite the engine. In most cases, they give enough power to start the vehicle and reach your home or the mechanic. Moreover, the battery would recharge itself if you are at a long distance from these places.


Their biggest advantage is that you can get on the road in a couple of minutes. Car Battery jumpers have a high powered output between 700 and 3,000 amps, which boosts the battery in order to start the vehicle immediately.

In fact, they are quite used by people as they don’t require much storage, and you can take them wherever you want. They don’t need a separate transformer, and they are small in size. Surely, the easiest way to get moving if your battery is not working properly.


Choosing the right brand is essential as some jump starters require to be charged overnight. If you need to get on the road as quick as possible, then you would need a jump starter. They are compact and portable, but their weight depends on the size of the batteries inside. Some might be a bit too heavier to be moved easily.

After you charge the car with it, you will need to drive for at least thirty minutes to allow the alternator to recharge the battery. If problems continue, then the issues might come from the alternator itself.


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