2016 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Quick Spin

by Lawana Perkins | Posted on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Popular opinion is that Honda has not been a friend to enthusiasts in recent years. The company killed the awesomeS2000, got away from building low-cost driver’s cars like the CRX, ruined the Civic Si (on multiple occasions, most notably in 2002 and again in 2012), and kind of neutered Acura into a listless near-premium brand devoid of its original charm. But there are bright spots: We’re finally going to get a Civic Type R in the US, and while the new NSX is a long way from the lightweight original, it’s still an extremely impressive specimen.

2016 Honda Accord Coupe V6

And then there’s the Accord Coupe, which doesn’t necessarily look like a typical performance Honda on first glance. Honda has been building the two-door Accordfor decades, even as virtually every other mainstream brand has abandoned the segment. What’s even more interesting, is that Honda makes one for the car guys. The company builds a V6-powered, two-door coupe with a six-speed manual transmission that probably accounts for maybe half a percent of the Accord’s overall volume. Such a blatant disregard for things like economies of scale could only be achieved by a brand with a real passion for performance.

Now that the Accord has been fully refreshed for 2016, we set out to revisit our V6/manual hero.


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