Audi Has New Q5 And Q2 Crossovers Coming This Year

by Lawana Perkins | Posted on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Before the new year is done, Audi will introduce two new crossovers. The announcement comes as part of a planned €3 billion investment plan for 2016, and will include a new Q5 as well as the addition of a new Q2 model into the range. That’s pretty ambitious considering the company hadn’t produced its first SUV until ten years ago.

Audi Has New Q5 And Q2

The replacement for the Q5 should be fairly straightforward, replacing a model that already exists. The current Q5 was launched in 2008 and underwent a refresh in 2012. Expect the new model to offer similar dimensions and specifications, but with improvements to help it fend off the likes of the Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, and thePorsche Macan which shares its MLB underpinnings.

The arrival of the Q2, however, promises to take Audi’s crossover range further downmarket. With the existing Q3 already taking on Mercedes GLA and BMW X1, the Q2 could go a size smaller to rival the next Mini Countryman. Whatever form it takes, we’ll find out within the year, according to Audi.

Beyond next year, Audi says it will build its first volume electric vehicle in 2018. The vehicle will take the form of a battery-powered crossover, previewed by the E-Tron Quattro concept (pictured) at the Frankfurt Motor Show this past September. With these and other additions, Audi aims to expand its range to 60 models by 2020.

Audi launched into the crossover market with the debut of the original Q7 in 2005. It has since expanded its high-riding lineup with the arrival of the Q5 in 2008 and the smaller Q3 (in overseas markets at least) in 2011. The Q2 is one of several new crossovers said to be in the works at Ingolstadt, including a potential slant-back crossover coupe to be dubbed Q6 and a Q4 to put the TT Offroad concept into production.

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