Audi’s S8 Plus Advances The Executive Express

by Heather Platt | Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2015

That’s the description of the original Audi S8 in Ronin, the 1998 film that cemented the cool factor of Ingolstadt’s sported-up limo.

Audi's S8 Plus advances

This, though, is the new S8 Plus. It will shovel a lot. It keeps the twin-turbo 4-litre V8 engine you’ll find in the regular S8, but ups its power and torque outputs from 516bhp and 479lb-ft of torque to 597bhp and 553lb-ft.

That’s as much power as you’ll find in a Ferrari 458 Speciale or Nismo GT-R, but with a shedload more torque than either. And all in a car that looks like a posh airport taxi.

Performance? 0-62mph takes 3.8 seconds, though Audi is historically conservative when it comes to published acceleration times. So the Plus should be quicker than another twin-turbo V8 you might have heard of. The Ferrari F40…

It’s not far off the ‘80s supercar icon for top speed either, for the Dynamic Package (standard in Germany) allows you to raise the S8’s electronic limiter from 155 to 189mph. Handy if your car chase is likely to extend out onto an autobahn.

The S8 Plus reaches German Audi showrooms in November, priced at 145,200 euros (about $158,000).


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