Chevy is The First To Sell 100,000 Plug-in Vehicles in US

by Lawana Perkins | Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Chevrolet has now claimed victory in the race to 100,000 plug-in vehicle sales in America. The company announced today the Volt reached the 100,000-unit milestone and said that it is the first plug-in capable vehicle to do so.


This will come as a disappointment to Nissan, as it once was the leader in plug-in electric vehicle sales. However, it’s hard to maintain a lead with a vehicle as long-in-tooth as the Leaf. As for Tesla, it’s likely the high price tags of the company’s vehicles contributed to slower sales, whereas a Chevrolet Volt can be had for less than $30,000 with tax incentives.

Chevrolet also made sure to tout the environmental benefits of the Volts the company sold. Chevy reports that Volt owners drove 2.5 billion miles since the car went on sale, and 1.5 billion of those miles were driven in electric mode, which the company estimates saved almost 58 billion gallons of gasoline.

It’s tough to say which company will be the next to hit 100,000 sales. Nissan may still reach it with the Leaf before Tesla does with one of its models. And it would certainly be easier for Nissan to reach that target quickly with an updated Leaf, ideally one with significantly more range. The good news for either of these companies is that they could still claim to be the first company to 100,000 pure electric cars in the US. So let the sales race continue.


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