Top Five 2019 Luxury Vehicles You Can Afford

by admin | Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2018

Ever wanted to own a luxury car? Chances are, you’ve daydreamed about the feeling of driving a luxury vehicle. The smooth drive, comfortable seating, robust sound system, and extravagant cabin are enticing features. Luxury vehicles are created for comfort. They’re designed to pluck at people’s lust for luxury.

Traditionally, luxury vehicles have been priced and marketed only to the wealthy. This is because manufacturers want to capitalize on their earnings by offering a vehicle priced out of people’s budgets. This is to prevent the tarnishing of the car’s reputation by us bottom feeders.

2019 Luxury Vehicles

If you liked your luxury car daydream, then owning one will result in veritable enjoyment. Stop pinning luxury car photos on your vision board along with the reminder to take traffic school online. This year, you can own a 2019 luxury vehicle for not luxury prices. 

Lincoln MKZ 

Price: $35,995

The Lincoln build is a prime example of luxury vehicles that you can afford once you go through the tips when buying a new car. They’re associated with wealthy folk who have a stark interest in high-end cars. You could own your own Lincoln MKZ for a comparatively lesser price as other luxury vehicles.

What makes the Lincoln MKZ so luxurious is the cabin. Leather interior with seats designed for optimal comfort provides you the coziness and support needed to fully enjoy every ride. The experience is enhanced with reassurance of power trained driving.

Lexus ES

Price: $39,600

The Lexus ES bridges luxury and utility vehicle. This swirly concoction of aesthetic and performance warrants the vehicle’s placement on the expensive end of the cheap end. The features are what brings this car together.

You could be saving more money long term with the hybrid like performance of the ES. With 44-MPG, you won’t need to stop at every gas station. That’s a luxury that higher end vehicles can’t offer. 

Kia Stinger

Price: $32,900

In the Kia Stinger, the driver is priority. This vehicle is designed for the operator. What this means is an interior that’s meets your needs and desires. A cozy cabin, stylish seating, innovative dashboard features let you feel in control. 

Cadillac XT4 

Price: $34,795

Everyone knows Cadillacs are luxury vehicles. Even those who couldn’t be less enthused by car culture see Cadillacs as symbol of high-end spending. The branding and design of these manufacture and build have allowed this vehicle to uphold its reputation.

The Cadillac XT4 drives performance and design. This vehicle provides an array of aesthetic styles that will peak your interest. Along with this, you can guarantee a performance that’s reminds you of its luxury status.

Audi A4 

Price: $37,400

The Audi A4 is a product of speed craving and lust for luxury. When you want to diverge between sports car and luxury sedan, then the Audi A4 is your prime pick. You get both inside this compact sedan build.

The Audi A4 is equipped with a standard 188-hp turbocharged engine. Combined with all-wheel drive and traction control, this vehicle is fully prepared for you need to speed. To help with affordability, it’s priced at a point of not ruining your budget.

Infiniti Q50 

Price: $35,550

The Infiniti Q50 is created for beauty. The design and driver experience were created to speak to the aesthetic needs of the owner. The cabin interior is unparalleled to other luxury builds. The model goal was to appeal to the sense of the driver.

To this vehicle, luxury equates to intelligence. The Infiniti Q50 is equipped with smart tech to help guide you on your drive and in case of emergency.



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